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I bloggen skriver jag om vardagen, mående, tankar & känslor och mina diagnoser.
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Skriver även om dotterns ovanliga kromosomavvikelse, lindriga utvecklingsstörning och ADHD, sonen Loves ADHD.

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Slutade röka12 augusti, 2018 - 22:00
3,2 år sedan.

Pars sömnpositioner avslöjar förhållandet.

Vi sover i de positioner med lila hjärtan, då vi inte sover med Minna mellan oss, som vi gör numera. :)

Loosely tethered Sleeing Style

This is a variation of the Spoon – the most common position adopted by couples in the first few years of marriage. Comforting and cocoon-like, it’s a semi-foetal position with genitals against buttocks to provide maximum physical closeness, though it’s not necessarily an erotic position. The man is usually the embracer. Few years later, couples feel secure enough to allow space – and comfort – into their bed. Often, they sleep tethered, like Spoons but with distance between them. The emotional current is sustained by a touching hand, knee or foot. This "affectionate" position seems to diminish the pressure for sex.

The Honeymoon Hug

This face-to-face, body-ensconced-by-body position is often termed the "Rolls Royce of intimacy". Less common than the Spoon (and uncomfortable to maintain throughout the night), the Honeymoon Hug is a natural position that many couples slip into just after lovemaking. It’s quite common at "love’s blazing beginning", when you’re so deeply enamoured that you wish you could "fuse". Some couples return to it over the years, during periods of special joy. Among those who stick to it, the partner who tends to initiate it could be overly dependent on the other. If both do, they could be "overly enmeshed".

The Royal Position

When one partner (typically the man) lies face up in what’s known as The Royal Position, it indicates a strong ego and a sense of entitlement. The woman’s head on his shoulder suggests that she is the more dependent and compliant one – almost as though she is "looking at the world from his perspective". This position reflects a high level of trust and strong commitment. Women who are uncomfortable but want the coziness of proximity can try the reverse: Lie face down, with your body overlapping your partner’s. Psychologically, this represents an attempt to focus total attention on your partner, even in sleep. 

Vilka/vilken av dessa sover ni i?


I am a tetherball!
Testa vilken position ni är?


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